A billion thanks to HastagLovesBooks for nominating me for the versatile blogger award! 😘 to be honest, I’m really new to WordPress, so I might not be able to tag all of fifteen people, but hey, I’ll try my best!
Here are seven facts about me:
1. I love music, and spend most of my time creating playlists on Spotify
2. I have a map of the world drawn on a chalk wall in my room marked with all the places I want to visit.
3. I believe in ghosts and spirits
4. I have a dog (Maltese Shi-tzu) named Brewster and he is gay (yes, I support it, all of it)
5. My favorite color is mint green
6. I have purple hair
7. I just started watching Sherlock and it it AMAZING!!!

I nominate:

Sorry guys, that’s all I got. Love you, and thank you so much for reading my blog, I never thought even ONE person would be interested and this means so much to me! Lots of love and rainbows and unicorns and llamas and glitter and cookies! ❤️


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