🎁Nerdy Fangirl Gift Guide🎁

I know this post is pretty last minute, (less than a week until Christmas!!!) but I’m a procrastinator, so I only just now really started thinking about Christmas shopping. But because it is Christmas season, I thought it would be appropriate to make a nerdy Fangirl gift giving guide, for those of you with nerdy Fangirl friends.so here’s my list, I hope you like it! if you have any suggestions for gifts, feel free to tell me int the comments!

Books are the greatest gift you can get for any bookworm, next to money or gift cards to buy books. Books can open your eyes to other worlds and help you to look at life more imaginatively. They can also work as a heathy distraction from the stresses of being a person as you can throw yourself into a fandom and ignore all your problems. (Hahahahaa… Yeeeeeeeaaaaaahhh…..this is why I suck at life. Books are still a great gift though!)

Merch is one of humanity’s greatest accomplishments. From T.A.R.D.I.S. hats to Stiles Stilinski tee shirts to “WICKED is good” phone cases. Merch is a fangirl’s lazy way of making friends. People will see your cool stuff and be like “Omigod! You like The Hunger Games too?!? Did you see the new movie yet?” BAM! Instant friend.


New movie come out? Get tickets. DVD release? Get the DVD. T.V. show? Get a season or two on DVD. New album? Get a CD or digital gift card. (If you really want to make them happy, get concert tickets)

Just listening to someone rant about having to wait A WHOLE YEAR for season eight of Dr. Who or how Tris tragically dies and how it’s just so wrong to kill the main character can make them feel special. You can even go the extra mile and join their fandom!

Respecting their lack of f***s given is more considerate than you think. With the weight of everyone’s judgment added to the weight of cliffhangers and fictional deaths, being a Fangirl is hard. Yes, we fangirls are crazy, but WE ARE STILL PEOPLE! There is absolutely no need to judge us and give us that disgusted look like we are lazy, sloppy, cranks. Emotional weight is, well, weight, and that makes it heavy.


Hope you enjoyed my little gift guide! Have a merry Christmas and remember to always be awesome!🎄🎅🎁


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