Paper Towns Movie!!!

Just a month ago, John Green, author and youtuber of Vlogbrothers, announced that his book Paper Towns will be a movie. The premier date is unknown, though some of the cast is:
Nat Wolff-Quentin (he was also Isaac in The Fault In Our Stars)
Cara Delevingne-Margo
Halston Sage-Lacey
Jaz Sinclaire-Angela
Justice Smith-Radar
Austin Abrams-Ben

For those of you who have not read Paper Towns, I highly suggest it. Paper Towns, a book about an 18 year old boy named Quinton. For years Quinton has admired the beautiful and wild Morgo from afar. One night, she shows up at his door, asking him to help her complete a series of tasks, all in the darkness of night. The following day, Margo disappears. She leaves a series of clues, seemingly meant for Quinton and he embarks on an unforgettable journey to find Margo.

I’m so excited about this movie!!!😄😱😍


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