On: Mockingjay Part One

Can we all just take a moment to close our eyes, and just think about the Mockingjay Part One movie?
(*fangirl screams*)
Okay, I think I’m ready. Overall, my Mockingjay Pt. One experience was AMAZING . I was in the theater, I had some curly fries, some sour patch kids, a friend with me, and a good seat. The opening scene was good, but not memorable, like the one in Catching Fire. But then again, what opening scene is perfect? District Thirteen was exactly as I had pictured it in the book, and even better.
I really love that the directors payed attention to such small details like the roses in Katniss’s house and The blood in President Snow’s mouth in Catching fire. One of the things that I especially enjoyed about the movies was the fact that we could the things going on in places other than wherever Katniss was. Another thing that made me really happy (oddly enough) was the scene where Snow gets cut while the man is trimming his beard. If you watch closely, he wipes away the blood, but then it comes back at the speed of an actual cut.
And don’t even get me started on The Hanging Tree scene. I was ecstatic when they put that in there, and the way Jennifer Lawrence’s voice made it sound, and the mockingjays in the background, (*squeals, then falls over then, squeals some more*)
And Peeta! Oh, poor, poor Peeta! I died inside the first time I saw his beaten up, hijacked face! Does anyone know if Josh Hutcherson actually had to lose weight, or if it was just a lot of makeup and fancy lighting?
I literally almost started crying every time Finnick came on screen! He was so sad and so scared! What is air?!?!? WHAT IS AIR!?!?!?
I think that’s enough for now, if I continue this crazy fangirliness, my head might explode. Goodbye for now. 😱😍😭


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